San Francisco Chronicle

“…a hot dog emporium with spice-dusted fries and killer onion rings featuring a perfect batter-to-onion ratio. They’ve collected some of the city’s best sausages and topped them with house-made mustard, sauerkraut, pasilla barbecue sauce, remoulade and relish.”
August 2008

San Francisco Examiner

“Gourmet hot dog joint takes best in show. Show Dogs, a nouveau sausage palace from Foreign Cinema chefs Gayle Pirie and John Clark, redefines the concept of a hot dog stand. They serve 10 meticulously sourced hot dogs and sausages with house-made condiments specifically tailored to each flavor profile.”
October 2009


“Obsessed: Gayle Pirie. Obsession: Onion Rings. I’ve always loved onion rings. There is a majesty to them when they are done well. My ideal version are the ones we serve at Show Dogs, Sweet onions that we soak in buttermilk and batter with rice flour.”
November 2009


“After we discovered that Show Dogs, a local artisan hot dog restaurant, was named for its location in the city’s historical Theatre District, we weren’t surprised when they tweeted ‘It’s Bark Day! Bark at the cashier and receive a free 8-oz beer with your order.’ Any way customers want it, these ‘furters are a whole different ball game.”
November 2009


"Best Meal Under $15: At this hot dog and sausage can sample any number of links made by local producers...Complement it with french fries, superlative onion rings and pints of local beer, all best enjoyed on Friday evenings, when the diminutive Market Street spot also offers live jazz."
July 2010

San Francisco Chronicle

“...if you have a yen for a jumped-up hot dog, this is the place to come. They've added a few other items, like a fried chicken sandwich and grilled Pacific yellowtail. Don't miss the barbecued fries.”
October 2010

The Hamblogger

"My palette was hit with an explosion of flavor. The flavorful garlicky sauce had a little kick of lemon cayenne that worked well with the peppery arugula and the sweet tomato. Beefy goodness [of the Show Burger] is the best way to describe the perfectly pink patty that stayed moist from beginning to end.”
August 2010


"Your Hot Dogs Deserve Better: Make a Batch of Pickle Relish, Show Dogs Style... It's surely worth a shot if you love good hot dog or if you're looking for an easy way to spruce up an end of summer backyard bash.”
August 2010

SF Weekly

"Just as they do at Foreign Cinema, Show Dogs' John Clark and Gayle Pirie take inspiration from a cookbook shelf of international influences. When it comes to fried chicken...they've incorporated a taste of India."
September 2010


"Doggone Perfect Pair: Pairing a beer and a dog is nothing new, but when it comes to sausages and brews at Show Dogs, it sure is...It's all about local and organic at this new hot-dog hangout in the SOMA neighborgood. Both dog and drink are not only organic, but sourced locally as well."
May 2010