Catering Menu –

All prices are for groups 8-10 / 11-15 / 16-20

Showdogs – 95 / 143 / 190

An assortment of our house made dogs: Smoked Merguez, All Beef, Basil Chicken, Wild Boar, Maple Bacon, Italian Pork, Smoked Polish and Veggie. Topped and served as indicated on our everyday menu.

Artisan Sausages – 95/ 143 / 190

An assortment of our artisan and hand made sausages served on a bed of either specially seasoned peppers and onions (Piperade) or our house fermented sauerkraut with our house mustard on the side. No Buns. 

Fried Chicken Sandwich– 95 / 143 / 190 

Boneless and marinated in bold spices, this buttermilk fried chicken is served on a pan de mie bun with our house slaw, pickled ginger and aioli

Showburgers – 105 / 158 / 210 

All natural hand formed ground chuck patties, flame broiled and served on a pan de mie bun with all the toppings on the side

Green Salad– 32 / 49 / 69 

wild arugula, seasonal vegetables, champagne vinaigrette.

Onion Rings – 55 / 80 / 105 

Hand made every day, gluten free, crispy and delicious. Served with Lemon cayenne Aioli.

Fries – 45 / 65 / 85

Hand cut fresh every day. Served with Ketchup.

BBQ Seasoned Fries – 45 / 65 / 85 

hand cut fries tossed in our organic BBQ Spice blend. Served with Ketchup.

House Sweet and Sour Slaw – 45 / 65 / 85 

made with cabbage, peppers, onions, marinated in a special house made sweet and sour dressing (No Mayo).

Costs do not include sales tax
a minimum 18% tip will be added on all orders

A $3.00 delivery charge will be added to all.

Costs include plates, utensils and napkins.

Addition condiments available on request and Include: Ketchup, Serrano ketchup, yellow mustard, brown mustard, habanero hot sauce